Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Strange things are a foot around here. Not that they aren't always, but still...

Two nights ago I was sitting here at the computer and the three dogs were lying about when suddenly they all jumped up and ran into the living room barking and growling. A few seconds later Sam the six month old came running back with his tail between his legs, barking over his shoulder in scared yips. The other two came right behind him, backing into the room, barking menacingly back behind them.
This is when we heard THUMP...DRAG. THUMP...DRAG. THUMP...DRAG. Three times we heard then then nothing. I went and looked all through the downstairs and couldn't find anything that would have made those sounds. It really was a scary sound. Like someone dropping something, then dragging it. Either that or a one legged pirate.

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Jodie said...

Hm, sounds like just another day at the Moy house. :-D