Sunday, March 02, 2008

And your assignment is?

OK, your assignment if you choose to accept it...

What is the significance of the number 5. And five white/hairless/glow in the dark mice? That apparently I can only see. My cats don't even notice them.

....OK. Go.


A few weeks ago. I was awoken by my, whatever he is. Guide, ghost. HUGE PAIN IN MY ASS...
And he was telling me that it is time to see. He says "It's time for you to see. See things the way they really are. Time to see." I rolled over saying. "It's in the middle of the night. Can't I see them tomorrow" I guess not.

So, over the past few weeks. I have begun to see new things. Weird/bizarre/in need of meds things. I had to put a sheet over my bedroom mirror because someone was looking out one night. I know. Freaky. I told her if she didn't vamoose, she wouldn't like it where I was gonna send her off too.

So, then last week. I wake up in the dark. I 'see' these five little white, hairless, glowing in the dark mice. They are playing on my nightstand. They are tumbling, and playing with each other. I lay watching them for a minute. Until I realize. IT'S DARK. How can I be seeing them? I turned on the light. And of course, nothing. I figured I was just dreaming. uh huh.

Then over the next few nights. Same thing. I've noticed that when I reach for the light switch without moving a muscle cept my hand. They freeze. Look at me like..."She's turning on the light. RUN!" now, I never hear anything. They don't make any jumping, falling, running noises. No noise at all. Strange.

There are always five. The same five little mice.

So, what do you conclude? besides that I'm loony tunes.

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