Monday, March 24, 2008

Johnny Depp

Johnny Depp is in house. Well, almost. He's in Crown Point filming a movie about John Dillinger.

He's clean shaven with short hair. I do like Johnny Depp. Not the psycho nutjob Johnny. But more of the 21jumpstreet Johnny. Although Captain Jack Sparrow is my favorite.

Living way out here in no mans land, we do get a lot of films being scouted and some made. A few years ago it was Tom Hanks filming Road to Perdition. He was all around us. We saw him several times. We would see his helicopter fly in early each morning when he was doing the driving scenes down the next road. We saw him filming in a local church. And actually went to watch filming on main street in the next town. Megan saw him around so many times it became a joke. On the day of the street filming as we were walking back to our truck. Tom Hanks and his 'peeps' were leaving. We saw him. He saw Megan. And they both pointed at each other and both laughed. It was really cute. So, he must have noticed her on every road and in every store also. lol. She never went up to him. Never bothered him. And I think he appreciated that.

And now Johnny Depp is around. He's been or is coming up by you next Jodie. The theatre where we saw The Ten Tenors in Aurora.

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