Tuesday, January 22, 2008

The phantom hunchback

Did I mention that I now have a visual of the 'thing' living in my basement? yep, I picture him a cross between the hunchback of Norte Dame and the phantom of the opera. I can see him slinking off into the darkness.."Don't look at me. I'm horrible." with one little furry arm up shielding half his face.

Yeah, I have way to much imagination.

Anyhoo...hubby went downstairs because the pipes were frozen, or so we thought. Turned out the fuse box was sparking and the heating/plumbing/electrician had to rush out. In the mean time, hubby found that the duct work that connects my vent to the furnace...was disconnected.

HE HAS TOOLS? the phantom hunchback has tools and can take the duct work apart at will? eeek.

AHA!!! MAYBE IT'S NOT A JEHOVAH WITNESS, BUT BOB VILLA. Haven't seen him around in a while have we????

Ok, now the critter has a tool belt and low work pants showing off his crack. AAAHHHH!

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