Sunday, July 29, 2007

...and my backyard

And I'm sure y'all wanted to see the back yard as well. The barn on the right, next to the basketball hoop is where the pigs are. The barn in front, (you can't see that one here) is where the bull lives. The barn behind where I'm standing is where the race car is housed. To the left of the house is another field just as large as this one and this is where the bonfires take place. And all around us is corn. Miles and miles of corn.
And now you know why I still live here. Until the loon moved in down the road, it was so peaceful and quiet. Combines and trackers are about all we used to have to deal with.

Front of my house

This is the front yard of my house. I'm not even standing on the road where I took this picture. Now, how the hell does the neighbor know the dog has no tags or in fact is 'terrified' of him? you can't even hardly see him on the porch.
I used to be surrounded as far as the eye can see by fields and silos. But people and houses are creeping in a little more each year.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recurring dream

Flowing gowns, knights on horseback.
Swords thrown down upon the seashore.
To fight for life, freedom and deepest honor.

With gents and ladies on bended knees.
Begging, pleading, do not leave me.
I hear there blades unsheathed.

Torn gowns,
Blood covered crowns.
Wedding rings thrown to the ground.

I see the blade go deep. Watching him fall.
I run to him, covering him as his life escapes.
I touch his lips with mine as I weep.

The face and fate of the swordsman is etched upon my mind.
I will take his life, I will watch him die.
and I will feel nothing as his life seeps through my fingers.

We stood, we fought, we failed.
our friends and lovers died in our arms.
As the blood flowed endless and unforgiving upon the sand.

The sun rose, as death moved within its haze.
We buried the bodies within our living maze.
Lost, wondering, we searched for an answer that Autumn day.

And within the bright light of passing days, they all knew my name.
I hunted and I searched. Each receiving a death well deserved.
Not one left standing, I felt no fear, and I felt no shame.

I wiped the red from my hands.
smearing it upon the britches of the butchers.
Standing in front of the remnants.
Of charred, burnt desecrated churches.

I will forever see his face.
No longer a boy, not yet quite a man.
As I close my eyes and I take his hand.
That life ends and yet a new one begins.

…and the swirls of time envelope me.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Ok, Hanson is in Chicago, at the chicagoland speedway which is twenty minutes from me. They sang the national anthem at the start of the nascar race. Why didn't we know they were gonna be there??? I would have gone and watched them. I would have. Hell, I drove all the way to Albany New York to see them. Granted I was already in Syracuse at the time. But I did have to drive there first didn't I. I think I should have gotten a meet and greet just for driving across the damn country and cananda to see them in that hell hole dive.

And oh...Taylor was sporting an impressive woody. Not that I notice such things normally...but damn, you could not not notice this one. This isn't the first time we've noticed his...impressiveness. lol. And someplace there are actual pictures of him in concert in such states. lol. Yep, we are old pervs.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Things found in my front yard today

These are just 'some' of the strange things found in my front yard today. A boot, a bone, a jar that has had something burning it in and a stick. Oh and you can't see it from this pic, but to the right of these items is a big dead bird and the hide of something I'm not even sure what it was. Squirrel maybe? not sure.
So, who were my dogs trying to bring back last night? or what spell where they casting? lady across the street better watch her p's and q's there out to get her ass this time for sure.

Sunday, July 08, 2007


Blogger won't allow me to put the title, where the damn TITLE should be. So it's going here, anyhow....

Has anyone ever realized they were humming? I have been humming for the last two days.
And it's not a song I've heard on the radio or some tv show. Nope, it sounds like piano notes in my head.
I don't read music or play the the piano, so not sure what it is. But I find myself humming the same bunch of music. While doing dishes. While taking a bath. While driving. hm hm hm whoooowhooo. Not exactly what I'm hearing, but close as I can write it down. lol.

So, fess up, how many hummers do we have in here?

Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Last night.

Megan and I came CLOSERTHANTHIS to dying or either being seriously injured last night.

We had gone to grab something to eat and were heading to pick up Patrick at the carnival.
We were driving on highway 41 and out of the blue up in front of us a car BACKED out of a driveway and stopped. STOPPED. He just stopped. Traffic was moving along at a good clip, still within the speed limit, maybe forty five or fifty miles an hour, when all of a sudden Megan yells LOOK OUT!! and is pointing ahead. All this happened in a split second.
I threw on the brakes, the traffic around me threw on brakes, and we all tried to swerve out of his way. He at the last second pulled off the road onto the side and sat there We then were able to get around him. I should say zip past him. Because I couldn't move to the other lane or stop, the guy next to me couldn't go anyplace and the cars behind us, well, they would have just been screwed too.

Megan nor I said anything for a few minutes. But I'll tell ya, I was instantly sick to my stomach.

That quickl,y entire car loads of family and there lives would have changed.

Very scary!

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Still looking.

I'm still looking for anything to do with Katherine of Avalon.

I'm getting closer, I've found Saint Catherine of the Isle of Avalon.

But so far my royal looking Katherine is alluding me. Hmm, wonder who she was?

I'm guessing a Saint probably wouldn't have been lighting a candle at night, in red velvet dress, with jewels. I could be wrong, those saints did have special interests sometimes. lol.