Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Last night.

Megan and I came CLOSERTHANTHIS to dying or either being seriously injured last night.

We had gone to grab something to eat and were heading to pick up Patrick at the carnival.
We were driving on highway 41 and out of the blue up in front of us a car BACKED out of a driveway and stopped. STOPPED. He just stopped. Traffic was moving along at a good clip, still within the speed limit, maybe forty five or fifty miles an hour, when all of a sudden Megan yells LOOK OUT!! and is pointing ahead. All this happened in a split second.
I threw on the brakes, the traffic around me threw on brakes, and we all tried to swerve out of his way. He at the last second pulled off the road onto the side and sat there We then were able to get around him. I should say zip past him. Because I couldn't move to the other lane or stop, the guy next to me couldn't go anyplace and the cars behind us, well, they would have just been screwed too.

Megan nor I said anything for a few minutes. But I'll tell ya, I was instantly sick to my stomach.

That quickl,y entire car loads of family and there lives would have changed.

Very scary!

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