Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Recurring dream

Flowing gowns, knights on horseback.
Swords thrown down upon the seashore.
To fight for life, freedom and deepest honor.

With gents and ladies on bended knees.
Begging, pleading, do not leave me.
I hear there blades unsheathed.

Torn gowns,
Blood covered crowns.
Wedding rings thrown to the ground.

I see the blade go deep. Watching him fall.
I run to him, covering him as his life escapes.
I touch his lips with mine as I weep.

The face and fate of the swordsman is etched upon my mind.
I will take his life, I will watch him die.
and I will feel nothing as his life seeps through my fingers.

We stood, we fought, we failed.
our friends and lovers died in our arms.
As the blood flowed endless and unforgiving upon the sand.

The sun rose, as death moved within its haze.
We buried the bodies within our living maze.
Lost, wondering, we searched for an answer that Autumn day.

And within the bright light of passing days, they all knew my name.
I hunted and I searched. Each receiving a death well deserved.
Not one left standing, I felt no fear, and I felt no shame.

I wiped the red from my hands.
smearing it upon the britches of the butchers.
Standing in front of the remnants.
Of charred, burnt desecrated churches.

I will forever see his face.
No longer a boy, not yet quite a man.
As I close my eyes and I take his hand.
That life ends and yet a new one begins.

…and the swirls of time envelope me.

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