Saturday, January 06, 2007

A ghost girl

Tonight I drove into town, (about two miles) to pick up my son at a party.
I came up to the stop sign, stopped and started to turn.
Now, I've made this stop and turn a million times since living out here and never once, NOT once have I ever sensed anything or seen anything...Until tonight.
I almost slammed on the breaks, there running right in front of my car was a girl. A spirit teenage girl. She had on a dress down to her knees and had what appeared to be blood or something dark on her face and was sorta wild looking. She lasted all of half a second.

It was creepy. She was running from right to left and looking back towards the right. There is nothing there now but houses. But not so many years ago it was all fields and just fifty feet behind these homes it still is farm land.

She seemed to look towards me, but I don't think she really saw me, just a sweeping motion. I believe I drove into a memory loop of sorts.
Something that keeps occurring because it is ingrained on that spot. I have no idea who she is, or what happened to her. She looked out of time, out of place. 1800's maybe. Or older, who knows. I'm sure there were settlers and I know there were Indians and farmers all around here. So, who can tell what happened to her.

But it creeped me out. Which things like that usually don't. I grabbed my cell phone as soon as she was good and gone, and I called my daughter. I needed to know where she was. She was safe and just down the street from home.
Picked up the son, and came home. Nothing was there at that stop. Didn't even feel creepy. Strange. But when isn't it strange around here?? LOL.

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