Saturday, January 06, 2007

Dragon dream again.

Last night, or early morning actually, I woke up after having another dragon/lizard/dinosaur dream. What ever he is, he's persistent, gotta give him that.

This time he wasn't swimming in my bathtub or sleeping in my bed. He seemed to be watching and waiting.
He doesn't have claws or wings like a dragon. He's only about the size of a large housecat or smallish dog. But he is the color of an old army blanket.

In the dream I could hear different languages being spoken about him. Seems people all over the world are waiting for him. Hmm.
The voices were a combination of different parts of the world. I could here what I thought was Japanese, and the word KODO kept being said. Kodo dragon? kodo lizard? I'm not sure. But in the dream the little guy seemed to be laying between two mounds. He could see over the one to his left, which was slightly higher than the other side, but in the middle where he lay, it looked like a giant backbone, or a road of eggs. Big dinosaur kind of eggs. Large and oval, all laying side by side making the center of the two mounds.

The Kodo, seems very gentle, and immensely wise.

I know this dream like the other has meaning, symbols all throughout, but I wish he would just tell me already.

A great power coming? A world waiting for him? World terrain? Laying on top of a great backbone?
There are dozens of comparisons to our own country I suppose. But who or what is the gentle, wise creature coming to help us?

I did research dragons and dinosaurs and there is one picture that I found that is very similar to my guy, but mine is more cartoon shaped and his feet all face forward. Let me see if I can get it load here.

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