Monday, December 22, 2008

living in the tundra

On Friday we survived an ice storm. Everything is still covered in two inches of solid ice. The cars, house, every surface. Yet we never completely lost power. Yeah, it blinked on and off dozens of times, but never stayed off for more than a few seconds. But we didn't far so lucky yesterday. The storm with winds and wind chills blasted through the Midwest with a fury. The wind chill here stayed at around -30 below. Our power went out at around 9am. It finally came back on for us at nine thirty last night. It took all night with the furnace running non stop for the house to finally get warm.

I finally went back to work yesterday for four hours of all days. The cashiers actually had to wear hats and gloves because it was so cold at the front of the store. And the store was packed because so many people had no power at home. Our power at work kept blinking on and off all morning to I guess.

And this week...snow. But, I'd take snow over the ice and Arctic blast anytime.

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Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

It was wind chill +1 yesterday in Baltimore. I thought it was a chill to freeze one's very soul! But it's better than -30. Geeeeeez!

I always had the idea that if the weather really could freeze people's souls, then Ice Zombies could start roaming the landscape. Kewl!