Monday, May 12, 2008

The wizrd and the lady.

Things are always weird around me. No matter where I am or what I'm doing. lol. I've learnt to just accept it. I wouldn't know what to do with myself if everything was 'normal'.

As for the wizard. Believe it or not Jodie, he isn't blond. He has brown hair that doesn't quite go down to his shoulders. With long bangs that fall in his face. He looked to be maybe mid twenties, dressed in loose fitting, baggy shirt and britches. A cloak around his shoulders.
I have no idea why I thought him to be a wizard, but I remember thinking as I woke up completely. 'hmm, a wizard. I have a wizard." He didn't say he was one, but I just 'knew it'.

I awoke to see him kneeling on my bedroom floor. He was looking down, doing something. I couldn't tell what. His hair kept falling in his face, and he would brush it away. He was cute I guess, couldn't really see all of his face. Not sure if he was aware of me watching him though. I didn't interact with him. Just saw him.
Funny thing is that before I dozed off I had been putting up a bubble of protection all around my bed. Above, below, in and around my bed. There is a mouse who torments me. I wake up and he's sitting watching me. Bugging the hell out of me. Thing is, not sure if he's real or not. Ya know? I never hear him jump and hit the floor, or scurry away. He just isn't there the second time I look. So, maybe he is something else entirely.
So, I was putting up a bubble of protection as I dozed off...then awoke a few minutes later to see my wizard.

The civil war lady.

I was in Barnes and Noble. I was looking for a certain book. I walked around the end of an aisle and for about a second and a half I stared right at her, and she at me. Then she was gone. I looked around wondering who she was attached too.

She was dressed in full gear. Big hoopie shirt, lace on the bottom of her lavender colored gone with the wind dress. The lace on the bottom was perhaps 8 or 9 inches deep. She had a cap on, with the parasol. A picture out of any civil war history book. She did see me. She looked right at me. And I at her. Her hair was curled and up, her little fancy hat covering parts of it.

So, it's been an active week in the paranormal. But it is more strange when there isn't something going on.

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