Friday, May 23, 2008


And introducing Sam! He's a little dirty in this picture. He had been out playing in the rain covered yard.

He is about 12 weeks now. He came into our lives six weeks ago. He was 5 lbs 4 ounces. He has tripled his weight now.

He was found along with his brother and two sisters wandering around a farmers field. They had been wandering around on their own for four days, coming and going when the farmer went out to see what they were and if they had a mother someplace. He never found a mom but took the four puppies in. They were in really good shape to have been alone for four days.

The vet said he was in perfect shape cept for some worms that all puppies usually have. They guess he was about five weeks old. The thing is... our little white fluffy puppy...will be...150lbs.

They think he's a Great Pyrenees. Which will be like walking a polar bear. lol.

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