Wednesday, November 14, 2007

my wish list

How is everyone?

Haven't talked in ages.

Have you gotten into the spirit of the season?

What season? depends on how you look at it.

It should be Thanksgiving...but, Christmas is knocking down the door. Soon, Thanksgiving won't even be an issue. Christmas will rule from Sept to January.

My wish list? do I have one? of course I do.

I have wishes for the world. For my happiness. For my greedy little self.

I wish for peace. I want no more hunger, no more hate.

I wish for my own place. My own little apartment where I can have peace of my own.

And the little greedy part of me wants...

A new computer chair. A comfy one with arms.

A new printer. A laser print. One that will print 10 thousand pages with one laser cartridge. (399.99) at Stables. lol.

An electric blanket. Full size. (I need a new one of these every year)

Dozens of gift cards to Borders. Always need new books.

Oh and Starbucks one would be nice too.

There are tons of other things I want. Things that unless some of you have won the lottery won't be sending my way.

A new car. A new house. You get the idea. Those BIG ticket items.

Well, off to work. We now are into working till after midnight each night.

The public sucks. But I chose retail . Why? oh why?

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