Sunday, March 11, 2007

We have someone new in our house

Our new ghost,or guide or whatever he is, likes the dogs. He talks to them and I have been the only one who has heard him, until yesterday.

The other morning I was laying in bed and heard a male voice, a slight accent, but I can't put my finger on what type of accent it is though.
I heard a male voice say.."Hi dogs." I lay there listening but that is all I heard. The dogs didn't bark, or whine, nothing. I guess they like him I figured.
Yesterday, Megan was at the computer, me getting ready to go to dinner with Jodie, and we heard..."Hello dogs." She looked at me and asked "Is dad home?" I looked out the window, nope, no truck. She looked at me.
"Then who is in the living room talking to the puppies?"
"You heard that too? I hear him all the time. I have no idea who he is."
She then turned back to the computer. So normal around here. lol.

Jodie is always amazed that things like that don't faze us. It just all comes with the territory I guess. I do wonder who he is though. He sounds like he is in his twenties maybe, and male. Not sure if he is a guide, or if he is something else. He is a dog lover though. So, he can't be that bad.

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