Saturday, March 17, 2007


I have a new guilty pleasure and his name is Kyle Schmid. He is the vampire, Henry Fitzroy from the new lifetime series, Blood Ties. I am loving Henry!
If you haven't checked out this new show, YOU HAVE TOO. Even if you just watch him. I won't be upset if you find the show a bit cheesy, but you will love the vampire.
I also love that the other actors aren't all pretty, young hot studs. They are thirty somethings. Majority are in their thirties at least. I love that.
Blood ties runs on Lifetime, Sundays at nine I believe.
He is yummy. I just hope that when Charlain Harris' series finally comes out on HBO that they keep Eric the viking vampire, big, blond and very sexy. A viking is a viking, I tell ya.

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