Wednesday, November 29, 2006


Did you know you can buy fake toenails at Target?

I didn't. But damn, you can!

Fake toenails. That just boggles my mind.

Fake toenails, spray on tans and hair extensions. Is nothing real? Illusions I guess. I suppose that is what dating is all about. Sorta, bait and switch.

Saturday, November 25, 2006

New chapters up at ...I SHUT MY EYES...

There are new chapters up. And I have several more to add, once I get a minute to myself. Hope you guys enjoy them.

Guess who came to dinner?


I haven't seen my husband that happy and excited since...Well Maybe I've never seen him that happy.
Perhaps at the birth of our children. Just the actual IT'S A BOY part, the rest he could have given a rats ass about. Hell, he didn't even take the day off of work to come and get us. My mom and friend came and brought us home from the hospital. What an ass.

Do assholes run in packs? Just asking.

When the 'friend' pulled into the driveway, you would have thought someone really important was here. Maybe he was.
Tom jumped up and almost shouted...Jacks here. Jacks here." and ran outside. Geesh.
He came in and Tom smiled ear to ear and said. "This is Jack." they then went and sat on the couch and watched TV while I finished dinner.
They laughed and joked. It was like watching him on a date.

Megan and I kept looking at each other. I asked her quietly..."So, when you go to college, you gonna tell them, you have a mom and two dads?"

Illinois is a no fault divorce state. We have nothing really of value, cept that damn race car. But I want half of everything anyway. I don't care if it's half of nothing. I WANT IT! It's mine, I'm taking it! LOL. Kinda left like Monty Python there. It is mine, all mine, no one else's..."

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

St James, a lot like Kingdom Hospital

The part about being ‘a sensitive’ is that I don’t like some times is that I can’t just go in and out of certain places without feeling strange emotions, seeing, hearing or just sensing that I’m not alone, even when I am in fact alone in a waiting room or elevator.
Case being today at the hospital.

Now, I was sent to an OLD hospital, one that I’ve been in before, different floors, and different settings. ER when my daughter broke her ankle years ago. A floor where my mom was. A few months before she passed. I’ve been in this hospital before, but not on floor two.

It was creepy and clinical in places. The first floor is fine; I felt at ease, nothing or no one was trying to get my attention. But the second I stepped off the elevator and started to make my way down the hall, I sensed something. It was like Stephan Kings, Kingdom Hospital.

It is an Old Catholic hospital that has been around for more years than I even know. There are nuns and crosses and statues everywhere. Although the nuns do seem to keep to the patient areas. Not where I was getting ultrasounds.
The walls were covered in white ceramic tiles. The floor ancient looking, blocks of gray and white. Granted there were parts of the floor that had and were being remodeled. Very nice black and gray with all new wood floors. Very snazzy.
But as I was walking down the hall, alone, NO ONE anywhere, I felt a nun. I looked around for her, but saw no body. I closed my eyes and ‘saw’ her pushing a cart with files. All in her black and white finery. It looked to be in the fifties or sixties maybe.

After I was admitted into the system I was taken to a newly remodeled changing room across from the ultrasound room. I kept looking at a large window and even went over to look out. The room to the floor below me was right there. I sat down and the thoughts of fire and being trapped where intense. I looked around at the nine empty chairs and reasoned…
”If I have to I can use one of these chairs to break out the window and just climb out onto that roof until they can get me down”.

I had no idea why I was so concerned about ‘getting out’. Until I felt a burn victim. He must have died in a fire. He was burned horribly. Fatally I would guess. He was everywhere. I could feel his panic. I could sense his confusion as to where he was. I closed my eyes to put up my protection. When I opened them, I saw for just a second a man in a brown hat sitting across from me. Then he was gone. I closed my eyes again and heard him ask…”What are you doing?” I answered that I was putting up protection to keep the burn guy out of my mind.” He casually said. “Oh, that’s just Stu. He’s alright.” I asked who Mr. Brown hat was and he clearing told me. Herbert Petri.

I then was taken for my tests. I asked the tech how old the hospital was and she said “hard to really say. There are parts a lot older than others. When the old buildings behind us were torn down a few years ago, the lots were incorporated into the hospital to make it larger. So, there are sections that go back to the forties, while others are just a few years old.” Well, that would make sense as to why some sections don’t feel creepy and mental. It was very clinical and cold in parts, while others are new and warm.
When I went back to change I told Herbert goodbye and left.

Have you ever been in a room, or elevator alone, but you damn well know you’re NOT alone? That is how I felt when I got into the elevator. So, crowded. So, alone. I was glad to get out of that place. I wouldn’t stay in that hospital over night; much less have surgery for no amount of money.
Oh, and the nun…her name was Sister Elise.

So, I sensed, Elise, Stu and spoke with Herbert. No wonder I was so tired when I came home.

Thursday, November 02, 2006

A Halloween M&M game

Try this game. There are fifty different horror and thriller movie titles to guess at. Jodie and I have 40 I think. Lets see if anyone else can get the remaining ten. We've run out of ideas and frankly our brains have given out.