Saturday, November 25, 2006

Guess who came to dinner?


I haven't seen my husband that happy and excited since...Well Maybe I've never seen him that happy.
Perhaps at the birth of our children. Just the actual IT'S A BOY part, the rest he could have given a rats ass about. Hell, he didn't even take the day off of work to come and get us. My mom and friend came and brought us home from the hospital. What an ass.

Do assholes run in packs? Just asking.

When the 'friend' pulled into the driveway, you would have thought someone really important was here. Maybe he was.
Tom jumped up and almost shouted...Jacks here. Jacks here." and ran outside. Geesh.
He came in and Tom smiled ear to ear and said. "This is Jack." they then went and sat on the couch and watched TV while I finished dinner.
They laughed and joked. It was like watching him on a date.

Megan and I kept looking at each other. I asked her quietly..."So, when you go to college, you gonna tell them, you have a mom and two dads?"

Illinois is a no fault divorce state. We have nothing really of value, cept that damn race car. But I want half of everything anyway. I don't care if it's half of nothing. I WANT IT! It's mine, I'm taking it! LOL. Kinda left like Monty Python there. It is mine, all mine, no one else's..."

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