Thursday, June 10, 2010

IML 2010

People as always were friendly and fun. The Hyatt Regency, Chicago was very clean and beautiful. And IML will be there for the next two years.

I always think of IML as an arena flea market full of KINK.
There were booths for any and all tastes. Leather. Rubber. Latex. You name it….someone had it.
Videos. Cock rings and ball weights. Whips, floggers and bamboo were seen. I dare to say any of your twisted little secret desires probably had a place at one of the booths if you sought it out.

Instead of Lions and tigers and bears. My mantra was Whips and paddles and floggers, oh my.

The first place we hit as always was:
The Titan booth. Love my Titan boys. And PERFORMER OF THE YEAR was Titan Exclusive Tony Buff. You knew I’d to mention him. Didn’t you? No? shame on you.

Oh, and there was the condom bowls again this year. Though not as many as last year. Maybe they knew we’d be back. Hmm, that could be it, I suppose. We did find free samples of I.D LUBE and those went into our free little back packs from the FOLSOM STREET FAIR.

That reminds me, if you should come across some I.D LUBE a word of warning “A little goes a very VERY long way. Trust me!”

Ok, now on to the demos that we saw. The inflatable egg was back and a big hit again this year at the RECON booth. We saw the rubber wall that when the air is sucked out it encases their victims immobile.

There were floggings, light ones. Paddlings with yelps and moans. There were bondage tables with tied down boys. And others being laced into Full sleep sacks at Mr S. Leather.

Oh and there was a fisting cube too. You put a boy in, suck out the air and basically vacuum seal him in. You then can do what you will with him. For ever how long you want to use him.
You can fist him. Use toys on him. Edge him to your little hearts desire.
And keep in mind, the other end has his head sticking out with him not being able to do anything about anything. You can even turn the box so he is on his back with his face facing up… Another entire range of possibilities.
…Ok, I might need to go and dig out some of that I.D LUBE here soon. So let’s move on, shall we?

There was a boy who wore nothing but a jock and was handing out postcard size flyer's…out of his butt crack. Someone had written on his lower back ’TAKE ONE’ He was very lively and fun, bent over a table shaking his ass . A pretty young girl went up and took one…and smelled it. LOL.

Of course the booths and demos were only half the fun. There were those being lead around on leashes and being kidnapped. And the guy who was tied to a column, blindfolded in chastity in a straight jacket. The people are all part of the experience of the LEATHER MARKET at IML.

The dozens upon dozens of booths and spaces were amazing and interesting as always. So very much to take in. I always feel at home. Can’t wait till next year to do it once again.

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Jodie said...

You are such a perv! Don't ever change! It was a lot of fun. And thanks for not ripping on me for not knowing what all that stuff was. I'm learning, whether I want to or not, from my perverted S & M guru.