Saturday, May 09, 2009

Head space

What is Head Space? I think of it as that place were you go when you 'zone out'.
But there are many different ways to get there though. We've all done it watching TV. Doing the laundry. Even listening to our spouses. "Uh huh...yeah...whatever you want to do...." And before we know it, we've agreed to vacations with our in laws for six weeks in the summer with no chance of parole. YIKES.

I do it when I write. I sit down at the computer, put on the headphones, turn up the music and 'zone out' I then let the story go where it will. 80% of the time, I've already gotten the idea of what it is about, but how it will get there or what will happen on the way might still be a mystery. Granted there have been a lot of surprises. Stories that have really written themselves. I sat down thinking they would start and end one way, only to find that they ended up completely different than how I had expected them too. And I wrote it.

There is also the HeadSpace needed when we studied in school. Nose to the grindstone. Cracking that book. Cram all of that knowledge into our brains for a final. We needed to be in a position to allow ourselves to accept that we needed to think of nothing else but those tests or papers that were haunting our every moment. We needed to block everything else out....hence HEAD SPACE.

When we Play or have Sex together or alone we often fantasize. This too puts us into a HeadSpace of our own making. It can be simple or very complex and elaborate. We decide. Again into HeadSpace we go. The zoning out, or zoning in is more like it. I believe we connect with ourselves on deeper levels when we zone in while we are surfing around in our little HeadSpace. No one is there to tell us to pay bills, or pick up the kids, or ask what is for dinner. We are in charge, we have the power. We are the ones who can give ourselves the freedom to write, to create, to scream.

We just need to look inside.


AutumnZ said...

I love this! You really nailed it with this post!

Indigo said...

Indigo Incarnates

Alas, my head has four other people in it including me. There's not a lot of space left in this head, har har.