Monday, August 11, 2008

Rick Springfield

This year at the Fair, we had live bands. Not that we ever had dead ones. Well, not that dead I guess.
This year we had Plain White Tees, who were really good. Blake Shelton who was playing when the tornado came within a town of us. And then there was....Rick Springfield.
I gotta say, he did really good for an old guy. He's my age. Age'ish. And he rocked.
I'd never seen him in concert. And I'm glad we did.

He has a new cd out Venus in Overdrive. The music wasn't bad at all. Rockin', with reggae and blues mixed together. They were really good. Of course he had to play his old songs, which were just as good as they ever were, ending with Jesse's girl. Which really rocked out.
If he comes to any of your fairs, pay the money and go see him. I enjoyed it. He's not Hanson. But, he didn't disappoint.


Debbi said...

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JKB said...

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