Saturday, January 17, 2009

A witch called my name

I ran into a witch today. A witch I had known before, but one whom I didn't recognize until it was too late. I was walking into Krogers and I heard my name. I turned to see who was calling my name and there she was, smiling at me. I knew I knew her but not from where. I suppose the blank look on my face gave me away and she said her name. I then knew who she was right off. at that point I felt one of my protective guides move up behind me and put his arms around me, gently around my waist. Like a boyfriend, sort of. I could gently feel him behind me, which shouldn't have surprised me.
A few years ago when I first started taking classes through a shop a few towns over, one of the women who was in a few of the beginning spirit guide classes was this woman who claimed was a witch who held her own classes. This is where I met my dear friend Karen who was our teacher and instructor. So, this lady came to a few classes and offered a scrying class. Being new to everything I signed up, paid my twenty bucks and went to the to the class. First red flag was the class was to be held at her house and not the store. Not a big deal I figured. There were other names on the list, I wasn't going to be alone, so there shouldn't be any problem.
So on the appointed time, I showed up at her house, a nice little house, on a nice little street, with other nice little houses, in a nice little sub division. I went in and was lead into a room that was her seance/office/ work room. Come to find out, I was the only student, and was alone in the house with her and her husband. He popped his head in and said hello and then was gone. We got started and I tried to dismiss my butterfly's and concentrate on what she was trying to teach me, but about twenty five minutes into the 'class' one of my spirit guides spoke loudly and persistently into my ear.
"No one knows where you are!"
That got my attention.
I sat there for a moment. She continued to talk. I closed my eyes and tried to 'feel' around the house. I didn't like what I was picking up.
"It is time to go. NOW!"
I opened my eyes and said while she was still talking. "I have to go." she looked stunned. I stood up. And put on my coat. I was putting on my shoes as I was walking towards her front door.
"Did I do or say something to offend you? Let me give you a partial refund. Wait here a minute."
As I was reaching for the door knob my guides voice said louder. "Go NOW!" "NO, you didn't do anything, keep it as a tip." I practically ran to my car. I never saw the woman again, until today.
I sat in my car with the doors locked. Watching her neighbors come and go thinking how John Wayne Gacy's nice little house probably looked nice and normal too.
I often wondered what her husband was up too, or was maybe even just thinking. But, when my guides are that loud and pushy, I don't argue.

So, today when she stopped me at Krogers, and I felt him come up and put his arms around me, I wondered if he was making faces or anything at her. lol. She never let on that she sensed him or could see him though. And I honestly, don't know which one he was. Back then I didn't know there names or what one did from another.

Since all of this has happened to me with my health and I feel helpless and defenseless a LOT, I do feel the protecting ones stepping forward more, to pick up the slack. Hopefully they know that if I'm confused and out of sorts that my reaction time is way off, that I need someone to watch my back, and front more. lol. And they really have been picking up the slack. And I'm grateful.
It is a little weird when they get touchy feely though. But it doesn't happen hardly at all. Although in this case I really think he was throwing it back into her face. I wonder what was up with her and her husband that day? but in all honesty, I don't want to know.